3 Reasons Your Teen Learner Needs A Driving School

Every parent knows that teaching their teen to drive can be a stressful experience. Not only is driving itself a challenging activity, but it's also one of the first genuine steps on the road to independence. Many well-meaning parents want to guide their children through this experience, but there are many potential downsides to this do-it-yourself approach. 

Even if you plan to give your teen some driving lessons on your own, make sure you consider these three reasons that a professional driving instructor may provide a better experience while also making your teen a better driver.

1. Objectivity

Everyone likes to pretend that they can be objective about their own child, and everyone knows, deep down, that it isn't true. Professional driving instructors have the objectivity necessary to observe and understand your teen's driving habits. This objectivity works both ways: they can recognize when your teen might be making mistakes, but also see where they're improving or doing well.

It's only natural to be concerned about your teen's driving skills since you want to keep them safe on the road, but this concern can get in the way of teaching them the fundamentals and making them comfortable. A professional instructor has the "outside" perspective necessary to ensure they learn the necessary skills without being too hard on them or sugarcoating areas where they need improvement.

2. Reduced Stress

Just as it's natural for parents to worry about their children, it's also natural for children (even teens!) to have a deep-seated desire to please their parents. Getting behind the wheel for the first several times is a naturally stressful experience, and worrying about displeasing a parent only adds to that stress. Unsurprisingly, many teens may find it much easier to work with a professional they don't know.

Reducing stress during these early lessons is also important to help your teen develop good lifelong habits. If they're less focused on whether they're doing something wrong, they'll be more focused on learning how to safely operate a vehicle and retaining that knowledge for the future.

3. Better Fundamentals

It's easy to forget that learning to drive also involves learning the rules of the road and, ultimately, passing a written exam. If you've had your license for long enough, there's a good chance you've forgotten some of the fundamental details your teen will need to know to pass their exam. In a worst-case scenario, you may even teach them incorrect or misremembered information.

A driving school includes an in-class component where your teen can learn these rules and how to apply them on the road. This knowledge will make them a superior driver while also giving them the best chance at passing their written exam on the first try.

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