Rolling Tarps: Why Use Them?

If you've got trucks that transport unusual or large loads, you probably use tarps almost constantly. Basic tarps might be all you use at the moment, even though you're likely aware that rolling systems exist. You may think your own tarps work, but if you want to have more effective transports with less strain on your drivers, you'll want to start seriously considering rolling tarpaulins. Here are some of the reasons why:

1—Easier Loading and Unloading

Drivers using regular tarps spend a lot of time putting them in place and securing them to different loads. They may need to climb on top of a rig, stretch out or reach for ropes and tarp edges, and other difficult, physical tasks. This can exhaust a person, especially if they're doing this every time they transport something, and could even lead to injuries.

To protect drivers, you could instead purchase rolling tarps. With simple hand-cranking systems—or an upgraded electrical push button—drivers can engage or retract the tarp. Loading and unloading are ultimately much faster. Because your drivers aren't risking physical harm doing this, they're going to be better protected too.

2—Safer Transportation

At high speeds, regular tarpaulin ropes can become undone or a piece of the tarp could rip. A driver might not notice that the tarp has become undone until they make a stop. During that time, the tarp can fly around, revealing the load to the open air, rain, and other elements present on the road. The driver might not see damage to boxes or materials until it's too late.

Rolling tarps will never have that problem. Because the tarps are already taut and attached to steel or aluminum frames, they're set in place. Damage is less likely to occur to whatever products are being carried.

3—Greater Customization

If your drivers have to make night deliveries, it can be tough to check a load and ensure the right deliveries are being made. Your drivers may need a flashlight or other means to check things before driving away. Regular tarps cannot help your drivers at all in this regard. Rolling systems can. Rolling systems can be specifically customized for your drivers' needs, including added LED light bars. 

4—Better Publicity

A regular tarp isn't as eye-catching as a rolling tarp making its way down the highway. Pulled rigid and taut, rolling tarp exteriors present a great canvas for your company. You can publicize your business with a logo or contact information so that prospective clients can see it.

To make use of the advantages offered by rolling tarps, contact a company that offers tarp systems for vehicles.

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