Four Other Things An Auto Body Shop Can Do That May Surprise You

Everyone knows that when your car or truck gets into a wreck, you take it to an auto body shop for repairs and restoration. Yet, you probably did not know that an auto body shop can do lots of other things too. The following list of things are some of the more surprising things that these shops provide and/or are capable of doing.

Body Work on Motorcycles

Motorcycles in a wreck often end up more messed up than cars or trucks. Ergo, body shops extend their collision repair services to motorcycles too. If your motorcycle is ever damaged in a collision, ask a body shop to fix it. If your motorcycle is your "baby," you can request that only the most experienced of body shop technicians fix your bike.

Taking Dents out of RVs

RVs occasionally take a few highway hits too. For the most part, damage is minimal. The dents do not look like much, but they can still affect the frame and the interior structures of the RV. Pulling out the dents and getting everything back into the correct position is essential to the continued enjoyment of the RV. (Removing dents also makes the RV look nice again.)

Custom Car Jobs

Jack the axles higher. Paint a universe on its hood, sides, top, and trunk. Add undercarriage neon lights. However you want to trick out your vehicle, it is part and parcel of the custom jobs body shops are known for. If you are willing to drop the money on it, the body shop is willing to change, alter, add, remove, and even help you design it.

Chop It Up

Usually, a "chop shop" references something sinister or illegal. However, legitimate auto body shops are capable of chopping up anything and hashing it back together to create something amazing. If you have a "chop idea," talk to the body shop's owner to see if it can be done. He or she may be just as excited about your idea as you are.

Have Questions about Other Auto Body Jobs?

There may be even more jobs that your local auto body shop does that you do not know about. It is akin to secret menu items at fast food joints; services that do not appear on the menu may still be provided upon special request. It may be a very uncommon job, which is why it remains unadvertised. You will not know until you ask.

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