3 Reasons To Switch To A Gooseneck Horse Trailer

Hauling your horses to competitive events can be a great way to get involved in the equine community. In order to ensure that your animals travel safely, you need access to a reliable horse trailer. Making the switch to a trailer equipped with a gooseneck hitch can be beneficial.

Here are three reasons you should consider investing in gooseneck hitches for your horse trailer in the future:

1. Gooseneck hitches can provide stability during transit.

Reducing the amount of instability in your horse trailer is critical when it comes to keeping your animals safe during transit.

Because a gooseneck hitch is positioned over the rear axle of your towing vehicle, the amount of sway in the trailer is greatly reduced. This means that your trailer will stay firmly behind your truck, allowing your horses to enjoy a smooth and safe ride when traveling to competitive equine events in the future.

2. Gooseneck trailers are easy to maneuver.

If you routinely travel to large competitions, you know that space can be limited when it comes to parking your horse trailer. Navigating a crowded parking lot with a bumper-pull trailer can be challenging.

Making the choice to switch to a horse trailer with a gooseneck hitch gives you the ability to easily maneuver your trailer in tight spaces. The turning radius for a gooseneck trailer is significantly more than a bumper-pull trailer, making a gooseneck trailer a valuable asset when traveling to competitive equine events.

3. Gooseneck trailers provide added storage.

When your travels require you and your horses to spend the night away from home, storage space is critical. A gooseneck horse trailer provides added storage due to the configuration of the hitch. The section of the trailer that extends over the bed of your tow vehicle can be used as additional storage space.

You may opt to put a mattress in this area to cut down on hotel costs while traveling, or you could opt to store spare bales of hay in this area to keep them safe from inclement weather. The versatility of the storage space provided by a gooseneck trailer makes these types of hitches the perfect option for competitive horse owners.

Investing in a gooseneck trailer will allow you to maximize the safety and convenience of traveling with your horses. If you are looking for a trailer with exceptional stability, maneuverability, and storage space, then consider upgrading to a gooseneck horse trailer in the future.

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