Top Five Financial Benefits Of Investing In A Semi With A Sleeper Cab

Thinking about upgrading to a semi truck with a sleeper berth on it? If you are on the fence about this decision, it's time to consider the positives of having a sleeper cabin attached to your semi. Here is a look at the top reasons to have a sleeper cab and an explanation of how they can help boost your profits:

1. Sleeper cabs allow you to save money on hotel rooms.

When you have a bed attached to your truck, you don't have to worry about finding hotel rooms to sleep in. This saves you money in two ways -- namely, you don't have to pay for the hotel room or waste time looking for one.

Instead, you simply need to find a truck spot or the parking lot of a shop that allows trucks to park overnight. Then, you just have to climb in the back and fall asleep. It's cheaper and often times more comfortable and private, and you get back on the road faster in most cases as you don't have to worry about check out.

2. Built-in showers let you avoid truck stop showers.

Sleeper cabs can be customized with a range of features. You can invest in anything from a small sleeper with a bunk, a kitchenette and a shower, or you can look for a large aftermarket sleeper with two bedrooms, area to walk around and RV-inspired amenities.

However, in either case, you are likely to have a built in shower in your sleeper. This allows you to avoid the expense of paying to use a truck stop shower, and it helps you avoid lines or other time-consuming hassles.

3. Microwaves, fridges and hot plates make it easy to bypass fast food stops.

The cost of food can be a big expense while you are on the road, and in addition to being expensive, convenience and fast food can also be unhealthy and tiring to eat after a while.

Luckily, the cooking facilities in most sleeper cabs allow you to easily bypass fast food joints and convenience store snacks. Instead, you can buy groceries and cook your favorite snacks in the sleeper of your semi truck. You can even batch cook meals before you leave home and easily heat them up while on the road.

4. Sleeping berths make team driving easier.

If you have a sleeper attached to the next semi truck you buy, it makes it easier to drive as part of a team. With a sleeper, you can take turns sleeping and driving. This convenience allows you to meet the sleep requirements for over-the-road truckers as mandated by federal law without stopping your semi. Instead, your partner can just keep trucking to your destination as you rest or vice versa.

In most cases, this arrangement makes it easier to earn more money. By team driving thanks to having a sleeper, you can deliver loads faster in fewer hours, and this can help you to earn more money as many companies offer bonuses for fast deliveries or extra incentives for drivers who can handle extra miles.

5. Sleeping facilities allow you to combine work and play.

When you have a comfortable sleeper attached to your semi, you don't have to worry about rushing home. Instead, you can stay on the road and add a vacation to your work journey.

For example, if you drive to a location to drop off a load, you can park your semi in a free lot, and then, turn your work trip into a vacation. Using the truck as home base, you can explore the area to your heart's content. Then, when you are done, you can drive to pick up your next load or head home at that point.

By combining work and vacation traveling, you save money on everything from transportation to accommodation. For more information, contact a company like Arrow Truck Sales.


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